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We invite you to join and become an active member of Oregon Minority Lawyers Association ("OMLA"). OMLA seeks individuals interested in participating in activities that benefit minority attorneys, Oregon's minority legal community, and the minority community in Oregon. 

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  • Enjoy Yourself &

    Enjoy Yourself &

    Connect with your Peers
  • Enjoy Yourself &

    Enjoy Yourself &

    Connect with your Peers

Membership Renewals

Welcome New and Returning OMLA Members! 


OMLA is pleased to announce it has upgraded its online system to help improve your membership experience.  To assist members in the transition to the newsystem, please read the instructions below to begin or renew your membership.  Please note, the memberships are now designed to auto-renew on an annual basis.  OMLA will send out reminder emails prior to each year’s renewal date to remind members of the upcoming payment and allow members the opportunity to opt-out in advance should members choose not to renew.



If you are a new member or a once-active member of OMLA, please follow the directions below to begin your membership.  


Note: If you had an active OMLA membership in 2015, your information has been pre-registered and you will need to follow the directions under “RenewingMembers” below to renew your membership. 



  1. Select the appropriate membership plan below. 
  2. Fill in the required information boxes under “Proceed to Register” and then click the box marked “Register.”  
  3. The system will walk you through the remaining steps to get yourmembership started.    


If you were an active OMLA member in 2015, OMLA pre-registered your previously provided information into the new online system.  This generated an assigned username and corresponding password that you may modify once you successfully log in.  We realize the pre-registrations will require OMLA members to go through a few additional steps to renew this year, but we are confident the newsystem will expedite and simplify membership renewals going forward.  Thank you for your patience and participation in the new transition.  Please follow the directions below to update your registration and renew your existing membership.  


Note: If you were an OMLA member previous to 2015, but did not have an activemembership in 2015, please follow the directions above under “New Members and Returning Members from Pre-2015” to get your membership started. 



  1. Under the “Membership” tab on OMLA’s website, click the link to “My Dashboard.” 
  2. Click on the link for “Forgot your password?”.  Enter the email address you provided to OMLA when you activated your membership for the 2015 member year.  Follow the instructions to reset your password. 
  3. Once you have reset your password, return to this page [page including membership options] by clicking the “Join Today” tab on OMLA’s website, or by clicking on “Memberships” under OMLA’s “Membership” tab. 
  4. Select the appropriate membership plan below and follow the steps to log in to your account. 
  5. Once you have logged in, you may also edit your profile information and modify your username and password.  Click the “Edit Profile” tab to update this information. 
  6. Continue to navigate through the site to register your membership for the 2016 year. 

Our Mission

OMLA is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to making the legal community of Oregon a welcoming environment where people of all colors, races, and ethnic backgrounds can excel academically, professionally, and personally.

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